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Portrait of San Antonio Wedding Photographer Richard Spears

Richard Spears began his journey in photography from the back of a motorcycle. Armed with a Minolta 35mm film camera, he would attend motorcycle rallies and take pictures of the bikes, the women, and the scenery.

When the digital age began, he had a small Kodak 'point and shoot' camera, but soon became frustrated with the limitations of the camera. He eventually invested in some quality Nikon DSLR equipment, and began taking some very popular pictures at motorcycle events around the country.

People who couldn't attend Sturgis or the Republic of Texas rally would log on to his website and see what they missed. His pictures were even mentioned on the Howard Stern radio show, which increased the popularity, and overloaded the server.

After moving to the San Antonio area, he began to explore different genres of photography including portraits, weddings, glamour, and kids. He is always looking to expand his portfolio, and artistic expression. If you have an idea, give it to us.

kelly_photographer (1916K) Kelly Janetsky is our daughter who started out as a V.A.L. (Voice Activated Light Stand) and has become quite a talented assistant and second shooter. She has an artistic eye, and gets the odd angle and detail photos. She has her heart set on attending the University of Texas and to drive a Ford Mustang someday.
judi (568K)

Judi Spears is an essential part of our operation. She has a background in business banking and takes an active role in wedding photography. She is a dedicated mother of three wonderful children; the oldest of which proudly serves in the US Air Force. Our youngest son Collin, is a growing toddler full of energy. With a full time schedule and motherhood, Judi still finds time to enjoy her hobby; landscaping and gardening. Judi keeps our wedding shoots organized, professional, but most importantly, fun.