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  • San Antonio Portrait of Aarin
  • Portrait of a San Antonio Police Officer
  • San Antonio Glamour Portrait
  • Portrait of a San Antonio Firefighter
  • Shay's Portrait in an abandoned school
  • San Antonio Football Player - Edgy Portrait
  • Portrait of a young girl in Bluebonnets
  • Edgy Portrait of a Track Runner
  • Black and White Portrait
  • Young girl with braids in SATX
  • SAFD Portrait
  • San Antonio Police Officer rescue of little girl
  • Edgy Portrait of San Antonio Police Officer
  • Edgy Sports Portrait in Hill Country
  • San Antonio Head Shot
  • San Antonio Family Portrait
  • Protecting the Innocent
  • Edgy Homeless Portrait
  • Portrait of San Antonio EMS
  • Fashion Photography in urban San Antonio
  • Bluebonnets in Hill Country Texas
  • Fitness Gym in San Antonio
  • Police Manhung in San Antonio Texas
  • Glamour Headshot in Spring Branch Texas
  • Model Portrait in San Antonio, Texas
  • Pin-Up Photography Model in San Antonio
  • Portrait by San Antonio Wedding Photographer, Richard Spears

Portraits are the documentation of life and people. I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso.
- Rita Rudner

There was a time when families made regular trips to the portrait studio to have the yearly portrait done. There is nothing wrong with the pictures we take of family and friends with our cell phones, but there's nothing quite like a good portrait to look back on the people in our life. We try to capture a bit of the personality in all of our portraits. We make portraits that you'll be happy to frame and hang on the wall or a display on your desk for years to come. Best of all, we can come to you. Our mobile studio equipment can travel to do your portraits at your house, your favorite park, or on your boat.

Edgy Portraits

San Antonio Firefighter with Edgy TechniqueWe're excited about a new "style" of portrait that is hard to describe. We call it "EDGY". We've been doing a series of portraits for police and firefighters with this new style, and the results have been nothing short of incredible. Click some of the examples above and you'll see what we mean. This technique also works well for portraits of athletes, military, and even business executives. Call us today, or use our contact form to schedule a portrait session. Remember that time marches on, and your family and loved ones will never look this way ever again.

San Antonio little football star

San Antonio Wedding Photographers Portrait