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In the mist of every storm...there is a moment of calmness that can only be captured or even acknowledged by the truly gifted and attentive. Those who have an eye for the smallest details and the wisdom to know that small details render unforgettable memories. They are gate-keepers. The select few that answer to the call of catching unique and extremely valuable pieces of our lives and protecting them so that we may share our joy with beloved family, friends and generations to come. They are journalist in their own right, providing timeline and family genealogy documentation so that grandchildren have evidence of where it all began...... One day, one man, one woman, two hearts joined by faith and love. A day as special as your wedding should be preserved by one with vision, compassion and purpose such as Richard Spears of R. Spears Photography. He is truly as gifted photographer that cares. He is professional and kind and is a master at his craft. Words can not express how blessed my husband and I felt to have had him frame our day as a work of art. Mr. Spears thank you for listening to God as He whispered in your ear throughout our day; allowing him to use you to create memories and a collage of intimate details that we would have missed if it were not for your willingness to surrender to your gift.
Lashonda and Robert Elmore

Rich did an amazing job for our wedding photography! We got a really good deal with him, and he even showed up early to captures photos of me and my bridesmaids getting ready! Just a few days later our photos were ready online and I received a usb drive with my pictures on it in the mail. Rich was a pleasure to work with, seriously awesome! I would recommend him to all of my friends, and definitely want to work with him again on my family pictures!

Richard was not only our photographer, by the end of the night, he was a friend. Went above and beyond for us. Our wedding was planned in 3 weeks with a limited budget (husband is deploying, wife wanted Valentines Day) :) Cannot imagine the day without his being there. I cannot express enough gratitude to Richard Spears for taking the pictures that will remind us of this day when our memories fade.

Richard Spears is an amazing man..he captured the romance between my husband and me on our special day...his work is sooo beautiful and amazing that any bride will be honored to have him at their wedding as I was...thank you again, Mr. Spears!!!

Richard is a great photographer and very fun to work with! He is open to fun and creative ideas which I really enjoyed! His pictures came out beautifully and I would definitely use him again if I need another photographer!

Richard did a great job photographing our wedding; he took some great shots of us, and the couples in attendance; he captured the moment in each one of his images. Ours was a very small wedding in a very quaint wine bar and he captured every bit of that in his photos. The value was incredible, we recieved more photos than we can probably print. I would highly recommend him for your wedding; you will not be disappointed!

Richard was amazing for my wedding. He took all the time he could the day before at the venue to make sure that the pictures came out great. I felt super comfortable having him in the room while I got dressed for those infamous pre wedding photos. During the wedding I never noticed he was there, but he got those great intimate ceremony shots, and that's how its supposed to be. Even in dark lighting the pictures came out amazing. Every member of the wedding loved him and he was more than professional. I highly reccomend him to anyone who is looking for candid shots that are detail rich without being over done or overly artsy.I could not have gotten a better photographer even if I spent a ton of money on the best photographer in the world! Totally affordable for any budget and totally perfect!

RSpears Photography did an amazing job with our engagement session photos. We are so happy with the end result and the pictures look fantastic. Mr. Spears is very professional, passionate, and creative. He has a keen sense of style which shows in every photo. You will not be disappointed! He works diligently to get the final product to his clients! If you are looking for a one of a kind photographer who is reliable and edgy he is your man! Thank you so much for all your time and effort, it really shows in our pictures. We will be using you again and again!
Tiffany Littlepage and Travis Baxter


Working with Richard was an absolute blast! He was professional, fun, original, and efficient. He made very good use of time and of the location. The quality of the photos I received exceeded my expectations and have received countless compliments. I recommend Mr. Spears to anyone searching for timeless portraits and original work. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you and enjoy your shoot!

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